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Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Clinic

    There are many areas where conventional western medicine can not find a solution but Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M)can. T.C.M can be strange and new, but it could have the answer to your problem.
We can supply expert medical advise on all ailments and illnesses the Traditional Chinese way. Click on "Contact us", should you wish advice on a particular ailment.
    We have a Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, serving the central belt of Scotland , situated on the 27 Cockburn Street of Falkirk.

    We can provide Acupuncture, Hot Cupping, Natural Herbs (both raw and in capsule form), Reflexology, Head Massage, Chinese Body Massage,Tuina therapy, Moxibustion and Chinese Foot Massage ect..
    There are many many areas where TCM can be of benefit, for a full list of what Traditional Chinese Medicine can treat, please visit the site pages or, if you prefer a warm welcome, come in and see us.
    Dr.Huang is a member of ¡°The ASSOCIATION OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE AND ACUPUNCTURE UK.¡± Dr. Huang has been in the UK for more than 16 years and brings with him a wealth of
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knowledge and 20 years experience from his practice and studies in China. Dr Huang is highly regarded by his colleagues and fellow Doctors, and seen to be one of the leading experts of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the country. Dr. Huang has also spent some years at University studying Western Medicine.
    In China, Dr. Huang was a MD with the title of Vice-Chief integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Physician in the hosipital. He was a member of the "CHINESE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (CMA)¡±; a member of the ¡°China Association of Integrative Medicine (CAIM)¡± and a member of the "CHINESE SOCIETY for IMMUNOLOGY (CSI)¡±.Dr.Huang is granted the title of Chief integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Physician on April 2nd 2017 by WFCMS(World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies).