About Acupuncture

   Acupuncture(from the Latin: Acu = fine needle + punctura) refers to the insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body which are traditionally known to regulate the flow of Qi. Acupuncture when done by an expert Chinese Medicine practitioner like Dr. Huang, is rarely painful, but is relaxing and provides a sense of renewed energy and well-being. The aim of Acupuncture is to restore the normal flow of Qi (pronounced chee), in the Meridians. As such it is used to relieve pain and restore normal homeostasis.

   Dating back through the mists of time in China, to at least 300BC, Acupuncture, and the theory behind it, has remained constant. Early Acupuncture needles were made from stone. Later they were made from bronze, gold and silver and these days sterile stainless steel. Unlike hypodermic needles, there is no hole in the middle of super thin Acupuncture Needles, nor do they prick like a needle when being used on some of the 364 or more meridian points on the body. Most patients feel nothing at all when the Acupuncture needle is entering the body, some will describe a slight feeling of pressure.

   The philosophy behind the treatment is that energy lines, or meridians, circulate around the body. These meridians contain our energy flow or "Qi". It is when this "Qi" is impaired that imbalance and illness occur. With the insertion of fine needles at various points on the meridian, the energy can be released or redirected to where it is most needed. In this way the body's balance can be restored and the illness resolved.

   The flow of energy can be disrupted in many ways; emotional upset, physical trauma, poor diet or overwork are all common examples. By examining this underlying cause and how it has affected the body, the most appropriate treatment for the patient can be chosen. Treating the patient as an individual is at the core of Traditional Chinese Medicine and it is this that helps allow the body to re balance itself. Blocked energy can manifest itself in areas that are painful or are a different colour. These signs will help the Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor determine which points are most effective.The following link is about the Science of Acupuncture : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeDv_PKEgPk


   A session of Acupuncture at the 27 Cockburn Street Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Clinic will last between 45 minutes and 1 hour and will usually include a massage. Prior to this you will have been given consultation lasting for about 10 minutes from our Chinese Medicine Doctor.
This consultation is carried out in private, and is free of charge whether you partake in treatment or not.