Lamb Fu Pian Soup



BU ZHONG YI QI (tonicity Zhong Jiao and fostering Qi),Warming the kidneys and strengthening the kidneys' Yang Qi;Helping female's clear and thin leucorrhea (discharge); infertility caused by cold womb;improving the cold hands and cold feet; Helping
spermatorrhea , impotence etc. troubles of kidneys which are caused by kidneys' Yang
deficiency; body weak with face pale ; Limbs coldness ; lower abdomen cold sore ; dual depletion of Qi and blood.


1. Lamb : one pound of lamb meat

2. Radiex: 2 to 3 pieces

3. Fu Pian : 10 g

4. Ginger (sliced): 50g (sliced)

5. Rice wine (can use whiskey, dry wine , beer as well): a big soup spoon

6.Paper powder:6g


Put Lamb into boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes, take out, cut into cubes and wash until water is clear.Boil 2 Lt of water,add lamb, herbs and ginger etc.boil uncovered for 10 minutes, reduce heat and add wine.Cover and simmer for 3 hrs, season with salt.

How to easily swallow herbal powder?

Measure directed plastic medicine spoons of herbal powder into a small bowl, add enough honey to mash the powder with a teaspoon into the honey to form a paste.

Seasonal problems

This time of year sore throats and colds are on the increase. Try this simple recipe to stop the sore throat becoming a full cold and worse. At the first signs of a sore throat prepare the following: You will need Root Ginger (about 1 inch square). Six Spring Onions. Thinly slice the Ginger and cut the top of the green leaves on the Onion, do not remove the Onion roots. Place the Spring Onion and the sliced Ginger in a saucepan of water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Pore into a mug and drink with 400 mg Vitamin C and 10 mg Vitamin B2 tablets when cool enough. Do this 3 times per day, you can re-use the ginger and onion each time(the best is new). Your sore throat will get better after two or three days.

Keeping kidneys young, will keep your body young
This is a secret recipe available for both male and female.


All defects and signs of ageing face can be erased by strong kidneys. The strongest organ in human body are kidneys that can reverse the time and maintain the youth for long. With weak kidneys, you will become old easily.


Kidneys lie at the bottom of abdominal viscera. With sufficient essence, the kidneys are able to supply heat and energy upward unceasingly to nourish spleen, liver;therefore other organs can have a good living environment, and grow and absorb nutrients well.Thus we will become beautiful.However, if the kidney becomes weak, then the body organs will convert into a state like a crumbling leaves that struggling not to fall. In this case, it is nothing related to vigour


With healthy kidneys,the bones would be strong with rich bone marrow,the brain would react fast and smart, the hearing would be good, and the hair would keep black and shining; but if kidneys are deficient, you will suffer from mental decay, tinnitus, white hair to hair loss.


Scared yet?There is something more frightening-if the kidneys don’t have enough energy, they will lead to sagging breasts, large pores, loose skin, hair loss, deformed face, not to mention dark circles around eyes which would certainly be very serious. And reaction will also slow up. In a word, weak kidneys would result in senilism.

“黑五类”是美丽的黄金食品 "Black Five" is abeautiful golden food.


Black food can be described as the golden food for kidneys essence, therefore, "Black Five" become the must in our kitchen.


According to the records in "Compendium of Materia Medica" , chestnut can be used to treat kidneys deficiency, waist and leg weakness. It has also been mentioned in "Qian Jin Fang" that chestnut is the fruit of kidney which fits for kidney disease. Gorgon, fungus, mulberry, litchi, kelp, seaweed, black-bone chicken, mushrooms, fermented foods are black food good for kidney essence. If you want to take Chinese medicine, you can drink tea with laevigata to fix kidney qi.


Here we introduce asuper-effective food for invigorating kidney qi --- porridge with gorgon, lotus seeds and glutinous rice. After taking a bowl of this porridge for every morning and evening, lasting for seven days, most of the senilism problems caused by kidney weakness will soon be improved. What should be emphasized here is that the rice used in the porridge is the glutinous rice, not the ordinary one,though both are rich in vitamin B, which can prevent beriberi,stomatitis,the former is helpful for treatingfrequent urination and sweating.


Some netizens have insisted on taking the porridge one bowl a day, and already lasting for more than three consecutive weeks. Now, their skin becomes white and smooth with healthy looking ( it would be on bragging to say their hair turning black in three weeks). Most people are very excited when they hear they can have their gray hair darkened and have their skin improved. But soon they may quickly shook their heads. They are worried about lack of energy for making the porridge after an exhausting working day. huh, huh . In fact, making the porridge is very simple. Isn't it worth trying to spend little time and energy on taking care of their own bodies?

1、黑豆:1小把 Black beans small hand

黑豆:1小把 Black beans small hand

2、黑芝麻:一把 Black sesame seeds one hand

黑芝麻1把 Black sesame seeds one hand

3 、糯米:1把 Sticky rice one hand


糯米一把 Sticky rice one hand

4、黑米:2把 Black rice 2 hands

 黑米:2把 Black rice 2 hands

5、百合:10片 Dried lily 10 pieces


百合:10片 Dried lily 10 pieces

6、薏仁:3把 Coix seeds 3 hands

薏仁:3把 Coix seeds 3 hands

7、核桃:2个(可换成花生米)Walnut 2 numbers(Can be replaced by peanuts)

核桃:2个(可换成花生米) Walnut 2 numbers(Can be replaced by peanuts)

8、适量红糖 Right amount brown sugar

以上是普通人二人一天的量,胃口差的可以减一点量,胃口好的可以加一点量。This is the amount for 2 people for 1 meal (no amount is given for each ingredient). Depending on your appetite, a little more or less can be eaten.
网友体验结果: 我是每天中午就把这些放碗里泡好,晚上洗碗的时候就开始熬粥,大概10几分钟水变粘稠的时候就可以了,关火,盖上盖子闷。第二天早上加点水,放红糖,热两分钟就ok了!Suggestions for preparation: lunchtime soak all ingredients (except sugar). Evening: add all ingredients into a slow cooker, let it come to a bubble, cook for 10 min, or when the water becomes sticky, turn heat off, cover and leave overnight. Next morning add a little water, the sugar, heat up and enjoy.

  另外我也观察了下,喝了这个粥三周多以后,我的指甲的小月牙由原来的两个(大拇指)变七个了,好高兴!另外孩子喝粥以后,这个冬天脸上开始变红润了(以前就是白白的),身体变结实了好多。It has been observed that after eating the porridge, the original 2 crescents (on the thumb)nails become 7. This winter, my child's face became ruddy after taking the porridge (previously it was pale) and the body became a lot stronger too.
注意: 以上食材除了红糖,都含有脂肪。存储时间过久或者保管不善,都可能导致脂肪酸败变质,产生哈喇味。有哈喇味的就不能食用,否则不但无益,反而有害。买食材的时候一定要闻一闻。It has to be noted that above all food except sugar contain fat and if stored too long or improper stored, the quality of those food will deteriorate and even become rancid, which will be harmful to the body and detrimental to the health Certain foods (like nuts) should always be checked by smelling them to ascertain freshness.