Price List and opening hours

New Consultation and Treatment Fees Effective from 1st April 2019
a. 10 minutes Consultation is free. Over 10 minutes will be charged as following.
b. Initial Consultation((consultation only without carrying our treatment): 40.00
c.First consultation with herbal treatment: 10.00
d.Following Consultation with herbal treatment: 5.00

a. 9.00 per packet.
b. Herbs for children under 12: 6.00 to 7.00 per packet
a. Initial Session: 55.00(80 minutes includ examination)
b. Return visit: 40.00(about 50 mins)

Acupuncture for Facial Rejuvenation
a. 65.00 (about 30 minutes session)
b. 110.00 (about 60 minutes session)
a. Initial Session: 60.00(80 minutes include examination and one FN fee)
b. Return visit: 45.00(include FN fee,about 50 mins)
c.FSN needles fee :one needle5
Tuina Therapy of TCM
a.About 1 hour : 55.00(Chinese massage etc.)
b.About half hour:35.00(Chinese massage etc.)
c.10 to 15 minutes:20.00(Chinese massage etc.)
d.Cocktail Tuina Therapy: 35.00 with other treatment( acupuncture etc.) (about 20 minutes)
e.Cocktail Tuina Therapy: 30.00 with other treatment( acupuncture etc.) (about 15 minutes)
Chinese Herbal Foot Massage & Reflexology
a. 25.00 (about 10 minutes).
b. 35.00 (about 20 minutes ).

a. 20.00 (about 10 minutes).
b. 35.00 (about 20 minutes).
Ear Candling
a. Buy Ear Candles 8.00 (DIY)
b. Ear Candling 20.00 (For two ears)
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Monday and Sunday: Closed